• 1997

    The company was founded in 1997
  • 30,000Rooms

    Provided more than 30,000 residential agency services for Japanese company employees
  • 450,000

    The area of commercial real estate agency has exceeded 450,000 m2
  • 2,000

    Provided decoration services to more than 2,000 enterprises
  • 800,000

    Office building, exhibition hall and R&D center decoration area has exceeded 800 thousand m2

Enterprise IntroductionEnterprise Introduction

Company Businessbusiness

The business scope of Azimuth covers four major sections: real estate, decoration engineering, green building materials sales, and business consulting. With the service spirit of “one-stop from A to Z”, we meet customers' needs from office site selection,

Case ShowCASE

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Longbao Tower
Real Estate Business

Beijing丨Longbao Tower

Longbao Tower is the core property of Azimuth, which is located in the core commercial circle of Lufthansa on the east third Ring Road of Beijing, next to Liangma River, with elegant environment, convenient public transportation and developed commercial facilities. The building consists of serviced apartments and office buildings, occupied by many renowned Japanese companies and foreign executives.

New Century Plaza
Real Estate Business

Shanghai丨New Century Plaza

New Century Plaza is located in Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, the core location of Gubei-Hongqiao business district, only 20 minutes drive from Hongqiao Airport, with convenient transportation. The commercial atmosphere near the building is strong, with many foreign enterprise headquarters. Azimuth owns and operates parts of the building to provide a quality living environment for its residents.

Canon Office
Interior Decoration Engineering

Shanghai丨Canon Office

In 2012, Azimuth undertook decoration project of Canon Shanghai Office. In the design scheme, the spatial relationship between various departments of the company was reasonably considered, the internal moving line and the external moving line were handled efficiently, and the flexible module design brings convenience for the secondary allocation and adjustment of office space of each department in the future.

Hitachi Office
Interior Decoration Engineering

Shanghai丨Hitachi Office

In this project, we effectively harmonized the customer enterprise's solid and stable business philosophy with the concise and fashionable modern design style, and skillfully integrated the background color of the customer's Logo into the overall color of the firm, realizing the high coordination between style and functionality.